Fancy Lace Fans
by Jane Braz

You will need a lace tube..preferably round like a doily
The one I use I got from Dawn's Den..
The name of it is
You can download it from her site

In case Dawn's site is down you can also get it 

Set your ruler to show.

Open a new image 500 x 500..16.7 Million Color..
transparent background.

Now choose the lace tube and on the 250 x 250 mark
click to place the tube.
Now..using the rectangle selection tool..draw a box 
around the lace and then click inside ..on the lace.. to select it all.
Now you should have marching ants all over your lace.

Now set your Foreground color to whatever color you want
your lace to be and using the Flood on the lace where 
you have it selected and fill it with your color.
Now Deselect.

This is mine so far..

Now open the file you want to use as your fill in the center of the fan.
Here is the one I used

Add a new layer to your image.
Set your selection tool to circle..and on the new layer start at the 250 x 250
mark...and draw the selection out toward the
edge of the lace.  Use your own preferance as to how far out you go.
I went to the 380 x 380 mark.
The lace left at the edge is what is going to show  so you can leave
a little or a lot.
Now use the Flood Pattern..and choose the pattern you
want to use and flood fill your selection.
Here is mine.

Now Deselect.

Set your foreground color to the same as you did on your lace
( You can use a different color if you want )

Now select the Draw Preset Shapes tool 
Use these settings


Add a new layer
Now start at the 250 x 250 marks again and draw out to
the edge of your fill pattern.
I went to the 380 x 380 marks.
Now..use the magic wand and click on the circle you just
made to select it.

Now you can add a Blade Pro effect to it or
add a texture or sculpture or a slight bevel if you want to. Or you can just
leave it like it is.

I added a sculpture effect to mine.

Now De-select



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